Who we are

Nestled in the beating heart of Rome, a stone's throw from the wonders of the Pantheon and the majesty of Piazza Navona, stands Parione 30 Parfum, a corner of paradise for fragrance lovers.

This perfumery is not just a shop, but a sensorial journey that begins at number 30 Via di Parione, where history, art and local flavors blend with the mastery of Italian perfumery.

Our journey began twenty years ago, guided by the passion and expertise of our founder, a master perfumer who transformed his love for olfactory notes into a profession.

Each fragrance contains a piece of Italy, carefully selected to guarantee an unparalleled olfactory experience.

Parione 30 Parfum is a tribute to Italian tradition and excellence, an exclusive collection of essences that tell stories and journeys to distant lands to discover new sensations, dreams and memories, all strictly Made in Italy.

With us, every perfume is a work of art, a journey that begins on the skin and ends in the soul.

Come and discover your olfactory story, let yourself be guided by our experience and our passion.

Parione 30 Parfum, more than a perfumery, a sensorial journey into the heart of the capital.